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Make a cultural impact by doing what you love

Web3 creators are artists, developers, sound designers, marketers, writers, and so much more. When they come together, they create worlds and experiences that unfold over time.

Joyn helps you find and team up with the creators and backers to bring your ideas to life. Use the power of community and project blueprints to start working on your idea today.

Co-create in public

Discover and collaborate with like-minded creators to bring your project to life

Project building blocks

Jumpstart the creative process with out-of-the-box tools and smart contracts

Validate before launch

Get early feedback and backing instead of taking a shot in the dark

Win and help win

Share ownership, royalties, and clout with everyone involved

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What is Joyn?

Joyn is a creative hub for web3 media projects with guidance, resources, and community support. We aim to empower a new generation of creators, to unlock the creative potential that is currently held back by a lack of resource, connection, or tooling.

How does Joyn work?

Anyone who starts a Project on the platform takes on the role of a Producer. Producers are responsible for the creative direction of the project. Setting up a Project is a great way to:

  • Have a well presented Project Space for project summary, with Milestones to show progress, and optionally set up membership NFTs with perks & rewards for your backers

  • Run Prompts (bounties) for community contributions to engage an audience or get help from them eg. help animate your work, add audio, art contest, moderate your community, promote your project

  • [Coming soon] Allow other creators to Remix your content and share royalties if applicable, for example by contributing to the story, adding multimedia elements, or turning it into metaverse-ready assets.
What do I need to become a Producer?

There are no specific requirements. In general, Producers should be able to come up with contagious ideas and provide clear creative direction to present a compelling project to entice Co-Creators and Backers.

It also helps if you already have a creative background, and defined expectations on the type of contributions and engagement the project may need.

Can I participate, if I don’t have any ideas for Projects?

Absolutely. You can contribute to other projects as a Co-Creator through their project prompts. Contributions can range from ideas and feedback to helping with design or marketing.

If your contribution is accepted, it may earn you a membership NFT of that project or a direct payout, depending on what the prompt reward is.

How can I find like-minded people to join my project?

When you create a project with Joyn, you get exposure to all users on the platform. The more information you provide about the project, the more likely you will find the right co-creators.

How much does it cost?

Anyone can start or contribute to projects for free on Joyn. However, you need to have ETH in your connected wallet to cover gas fees for transactions on the blockchain. What are gas fees? On successful sales, a 5% commission goes to the Joyn Treasury to help sustain platform and community development.

What am I selling?

There are two types of creations that can be minted and sold through Joyn: (1) membership NFTs that offer your backers perks and rewards, and (2) the creative output of your project, as an NFT collection.

That said, not all projects require selling something. Joyn’s project spaces can be used to organize your creative work, engage with your community, get help, or simply facilitate open co-creation.