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Meaningful co-
creation over noise & hype

Openly collaborate with the community: play with your brand, remix it, build upon it through co-creation campaigns to discover new opportunities.

#JoynOriginals Logo Art Contest

We’re encouraging creators to make derivative artworks using the Joyn logo icon, Anything goes! To participate: Get creative by using the Joyn logo in your artwork any way you like Submit your artwork on this page by July 27th For feedback, feel free to share your WIPs in the #wip-art-feedback channel in our Discord.

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Rewards for creators of all kinds

Artists, collectors, and builders are the life force of Web3. Campaign offerings must be relevant to them, and cool enough to attract the right people.

🖼️ Exhibits in galleries
🤩 Crypto prize pools
📣 Spotlights and Promo
👕 Merch & Fashion NFTs
🗝️ Gated Access
🪙 Tokens
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